Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Embarrassing Love

ketchup with us

For Ketchup With Us #11, Mel and Michele invited us to write about something that we love that we’re embarrassed about. I had a tough time with this, trying to avoid going all mushy on you and I realized that I could get myself off the hook by following the illustrious lead of Michele and Lance and write about some music that I love, but am embarrassed to admit: 

Whenever I go to NOLA (Michele’s home town, I think…parentheticals don’t go against the word count, right?), I try to listen to some live music.  I’m sure you’re thinking I’m into Jazz and you would be wrong.  I like Jazz ok, but I really love to listen to good old, (gulp) Cajun music.  For a rocker like me, this is embarrassing. 

I picked a video of D.L. Menard singing La Porte d’En Arriere (Back Door).  It’s a fun song and very catchy. You might think that this sounds like country music, but it is not.  At least, not what you think of as American Country music, although it is certainly played by country folks.  Cajun is played throughout Louisiana and is derived from music played by Acadians from Canada, who settled in Louisiana. The Acadian music was carried over from France. By the way, the word “Cajun” comes from a French/Creole attempt to say Acadian.


  1. Another nod to my home state. I LOVE you people. Of course, hosting the SuperBowl (black out or otherwise) and Mardi Gras within a week of each other is just ONE of the many reasons we rock down here.

    Thanks for linking up, LD. Colorful and interesting entry.

  2. Thank you Michele. I've, ahem, shall I say, "enjoyed" several Mardi Gras and love your city. Must be crazy with the two events back to back!

  3. meh, that not bad. That's interesting and kid of cool. still, glad you shared.

    1. Thanks Lance. I am also in love with Celtic music, from which Cajun is derived. And that is decidedly cooler.